Big Men Styling tips to look Awesome

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one,” said Albert Einstein. On this note, we will apply geometry, optics and behaviorism to trick the world into seeing a trimmer version of ourselves.

Are you ready to show your style with these great tips!!

Tailoring is the Key!!

Its not which brand you wear, its how you wear. Little bit of altering to fit arms and  fit in your pants is the best style tip.

Show Your Shape!

Lots went in (literally) to get to that shape, don’t try to hide....

Wearing clothes of your size will make you look far better, wearing sizes larger will only make you look sloppy and small sizes will only draw attention to your weight

Dress for the Occasion!

You are in shape because round is a shape! Don’t try to shy away from shorts or gym clothes or casual tshirts because of insecurities. Dressing in out of season will only draw more attention. Wear clothing that suits you and goes with the occasion instead of sticking it out.

Layer, Layer and Layer!

 There is nothing better than layering, and yes this     won’t make you look fat. Layer with a shirt, a jacket, blazer, or a cardigan with anything, but please layer...

Accessorize to show the real stylish you

Accessories are the great way to put the look together and to distract from other areas you might not want to highlight. To top it all it will make you look stylish...


Last but not the least, Stock up on styles you love!

If you like something, just buy and stalk it up to last you few seasons.

So you like our tips? Are you willing to give up your old dressing style to bring out the awesome you!

February 25, 2018 — bigbanana Online Plus Size Store

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