An Unconventional approach to big & tall fashion in this very common fashion space.

We are not just any other brand, the wonder within you gave us the birth

We celebrate you, we celebrate big and therefore we proudly say “Big is Awesome”

bigbanana Military Edition

Military Edition

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Never settle for less

Never settle for less

Do you know what’s the most frustrating feeling? Spending all day walking around a store but walking out empty-handed because nothing fits properly...
Plus size men clothing India - bigbanana

Bigbanana helps big men to fulfill their fashion daydreams

Plus-size fashion continues to gain more mainstream momentum, but much of the growth we are seeing is still aimed towards women. And it's important...
Plus Size Fashion India | bigbanana

A few of bigbanana’s favorite plus size fashion for men

"CELEBRATE YOU, WITH BIGBANANA" We know you’ve had those tiring and tedious shopping experiences. You just couldn’t find what you were looking for...