Indian clothing brands are still a growing industry. The biggest flaw they have is that they are based on commercialization. They produce fashion lines that are easy to make and acceptable by a majority. What they lack is personalization. They may think that they are reaching out to the majority, but that is, there are no other options available. There are people in the world of all sizes and shapes, and they deserve clothing that fits them and flatters their body. 

Though this is changing in the women’s clothing industry, plus size men’s clothing in India still needs a wave of change. 

Plus-size men don’t just include overweight men, as this is the statement that clothing brands make for not making plus-size clothing available is that they don’t want to promote an unhealthy lifestyle. Plus-size men include large men, men with some serious muscles, tall men, etc. These people need clothes that will make them look as they wish to, chic or well-groomed. 

Most plus-size men have no other option if they want their clothes to fit them just right other than hiring a tailor to stitch clothes for them, especially. This costs them more than if these clothes were bought ready-made from the store. 

Tending to this need, Big Banana Online has made a step towards the revolution to make big men’s clothing in India. With their tagline “Big is Awesome,” we try to provide plus size men with their fashion needs. We endeavor to change the trend that plus-size men don’t care about their style and fashion. 

We have a wide variety of big men’s clothing online in styles and designs that can attract anyone’s attention. The clothes are custom made, tending to the size needs of big men and have such stitch that can flatter anyone’s body. Big Banana Online has it all, from clear-cut shirts to trendy and comfortable joggers, cool vests, and shorts. 

Big men are sometimes not sure about their sizes because they have never had a reference. Our website will also help you there. You can follow the link to find your size.  

We live in a free world where everyone has a right and a wish to express themselves with the help of their clothes. Though we have bound us with boundaries of a perfect size that everyone should have. But the acceptance of diversity is what makes us a new world—the variety of different views, of different shapes and sizes, of different colors. We need to accept it and make it mainstream.  

April 03, 2020 — MLVEDA MCP

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