Fashion is fabulous. There are lots of judgmental people who think that being fashionable is stupid and it just shows that one is a very materialistic human being. To quote a fictional lawyer from a famous Bollywood movie, “Kon hain ye log? Kaha se aate hain ye log”.  These people are obviously oblivious to the wonder and joy fashion can bring to the lives of people because let's get one thing straight, fashion is not stupid, and being fashionable is awesome!

Living in a democracy, we have the right to choose what we wear and as such, our clothes can tell people a lot about ourselves. First impressions matter and there is a reason why people tend to wear their best clothes when going out on a date with a person are really into.

Everyone should have a choice when it comes to what type of clothes they choose to cover their bodies with but unfortunately, that is not the case. Certain groups of people have had this choice taken away from them because of the social pressure they must face but there is one group of people who must endure this fate because of a particularly pathetic reason. There are the plus sized individuals and their right to being fashionable has been taken away, rather ironically, by the fashion industry itself.

The deplorable state of plus size fashion in India

The state of plus size clothing in India is rather unfortunate. The Indian fashion all but ignores this rather significantly many people in favor of designing and marketing clothes only to skinny or lean individuals. Plus, sized clothing in India from any brand is at best, a rarity and at worst, totally nonexistent.

Even the online fashion stores that have revolutionized how people shop haven’t been kind to plus sized individuals. Finding plus size clothing online in India is just as difficult and frustrating as it’s offline counterpart. The state of plus size fashion in India must change and there is one company that has made this very task its sole reason to exist.

bigbanana: - The one stop shop for plus size clothing in India

bigbanana is quite possibly the best online store for plus size fashion in India. It is a fashion website that is unlike any other. bigbanana challenges the prevailing status quo and vehemently believes that “Big is Awesome!”

bigbanana has played a huge role in making shopping for plus size clothing online in India a far better and easier experience. Designing some of the best plus size fashion in India, they are doing their part in improving the lives of thousands of plus-sized Indians. They are working for a future when the biggest plus size clothing problem in India is the overabundance of choice. 

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