India is finally a part of the revolution, a much needed revolution for plus sized folks, especially men. Thanks to brands like bigbanana, who took the initiative of serving exclusively to plus sized men. This is one group that has faced shadow discrimination, discrimination that is not apparent but everyone knows it’s there. This is one form of discrimination that is not bound to religion, caste, sexual orientation or region but, it is very traumatizing for people who have to experience it.  It is sickening the amount of cruelty and verbal humiliation a plus sized person may have to endure on a daily basis.

The problem with clothing is having to buy them, there are too many styles, colors, brands & types, and it gets multiplied by a hundred when you are trying to find a perfect fit in the plus size clothing section. While a person with a lean build is bombarded with an excessive amount of clothing options from all online clothing stores, a plus sized individual faces the exact opposite issue. Finding plus-sized men’s clothing online in India can be an excruciatingly painful and time-consuming venture. Compared to a lean or “socially fit” people, a plus size man many more hours finding the perfect fit and almost all the time gets disappointed in the end. He may not even find a single piece with the perfect fitting of the clothing he likes. You can call it the reluctance of the clothing industry to just never acknowledge the need for a plus sized man or they don’t even know what they are ignoring. Things needed to change, and who can blame these people if they believe that the clothing industry just blatantly ignores them when they almost never find the perfect fit?

bigbanana is the best place to get plus size men’s clothing online in India. It is a fashion website that is unlike any other. bigbanana challenges the prevailing notions in the Indian society and vehemently believes that “Big is Awesome!”

bigbanana has almost single-handedly made shopping for plus size men’s clothing online a far better and easier experience. Producing some of the most trendy plus size clothing for men in India, they are touching the lives of thousands of plus-sized Indian men who have had to suffer become of the fashion industries bias and allowing them to look like the best versions of themselves.


vijay said:

i want this tshirt where is it available in ur store online

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