You love a tshirt but alas! There is not one as per your size. How many times should you have convinced yourself with better luck next time when your inner soul cries like Joey “I’m curvy and I like it”. You want the industry to design clothing tailored for your choice and body type rather than getting clothes custom stitched, which is, as we know, pretty old school. Plus size mens clothing is an ultimate rescue. Plus size refers to clothes of size larger than those found in the standard ranges. 

But who set these standard ranges? The fashion industry and media have unapologetically set the so called “standards” of the unrealistic expectation of perfect body with say, for instance, chiseled abs that are too ideal for everyone to achieve. Although it is often preached that we maintain a healthy body, but what why wait to dress like a boss while you, maybe, are in the process of losing an ounce or two of fat or are dealing with some sort of an eating disorder? Because style statement is not just delivered by body type. Style knows no size. Attire is at its best when it is pulled off with confidence because bold is the only sexy. 

With global chains now entering into plus size shirts online market, bigbanana online is here to break the stereotype in the Indian fashion markets and it is unabashedly here to stay. bigbanana online has revolutionized the online plus size merchandise in India by providing trendy outfits for plus size men. Do you feel regular stores don’t seem to have put much effort in the plus size category? Well, bigbanana is a one stop store just a click away that promises to offer quality clothes that aren’t boring for plus sized men. As well said, it is the clothes that make the man. So find yourself the best fit from the collection of shirts, t-shirts or joggers whichever suits your style and build your wardrobe with clothing that tells you, you are prefect just the way you are. You can track your orders and they have an easy return and refund policy. So you are in safe hands. 

bigbanana designs are one of a kind and come at astonishingly genuine rates. Check out their website and pamper yourself with outfits in vogue.

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