Vijay Diwas is a day of tribute to Indian army, as it marks the victory of the Indian Armed Forces over Pakistan in the 1971 war.

The war was fought to liberate East Pakistan from the oppressive rule of West Pakistan, and resulted in the creation of a new nation, Bangladesh.

A group of people from East Pakistan, who fought bravely against the West Pakistan army were being trained by Indian army and were called as Mukti Vahini.

In Battle of Longewala, 120 Indian army soldiers fought against 3000 west pak army. We won this Battle bravely.

PNS Gazi tried to sink INS Vikrant but we destroyed PNS Gazi with INS Rajput.

During the war, 1000 of dummy are dropped in evening along with 500 Indian Army in east Pakistan to confuse Pak Army.

The war lasted for 13 days, from December 3 to December 16, 1971, and ended with the surrender of nearly 93,000 Pakistani soldiers to the Indian Army.

Vijay Diwas is also celebrated in Bangladesh as Bijoy Dibos, to mark the country’s formal independence from Pakistan, Vijay Diwas is a reminder of the courage and valor of the Indian Armed Forces, and their role in shaping the history and destiny of the region.