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Why Plus Size T-Shirts are awesome

T-Shirts! Everyone—well almost everyone—loves T-Shirts!

But this love and affection towards this particular piece of clothing is neither misplaced nor blind. There are plenty of reasons to love T-Shirts. Near Infinite designs, comfort and their inherent coolness are just a few of them. T-Shirts are the ultimate fashion statement. If people want to look effortlessly cool without actually trying to do so, then T-Shirts are their greatest ally.

T-Shirts have been around for over five decades and one would think they would have gone out of fashion by now but interestingly, it's rather the opposite. T-Shirts are arguably more popular than they have even been their entire history and they have their versatility to thank for it.

Fashion stores and websites love T-Shirts. They are cheap to manufacture and fly off the shelf in a relatively small amount of time. T-Shirt designers have a lot of room to play with when it comes to their work—something other fashion designers would kill for. In fact, some modern online T-Shirts stores even let people design the T-Shirt they are going to wear! If that isn’t awesome, it would be hard to find anything that actually is.

The Dark Side of T-Shirts

Unfortunately—as always—everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows as not everyone has been afforded the luxury to experience these amazing T-Shirts. Plus size individuals have always been given a hard time by the mainstream fashion industry but even the modern self-proclaimed open-minded online stores refuse to design clothes for them. Even the websites that allow custom designed T-Shirts only go as far as XXL.

This is extremely unfair to plus size individuals and has to change. Luckily there is a company that has made it is its duty to bring this change about.

bigbanana’s 6XL T-Shirts in India

bigbanana is a website for plus size clothing online for men in India that is unlike any other. bigbanana challenges these prevailing notions in the fashion and clothing industry and vehemently believes and proudly says “Big is Awesome!”

They are probably the best place to shop for men’s plus size clothing online in India and they are trying their best to single-handedly and permanently solve the problem of plus size clothing in India by designing amazing and hyper-stylish 6XL T-Shirts that fit all plus size men and makes them look better than their skinny counterparts—something that is hard to find even in other plus size men’s clothing stores.

Buy bigbanana’s 6XL T-Shirts and be a part of the T-Shirt mania.


Plus size clothes- let’s wear it

Plus size clothes- let’s wear it

How often do you feel bowed down by the idea of looking a certain way? Also, when you feel like wearing something, you get worried because of not being able to wear it because of your size? If yes, then you don’t have to worry more about it. These days, clothes of plus Sizes are readily available in the markets and in the malls. Though these days, not many Brands are selling plus size clothes, but there are brands that specifically sell plus sized clothes.

The same story prevails on the digital spectrum as well. You’ll rarely come across an online store that pays attention to plus size clothing. Only a few of them have plus sized ones and finding a product of your taste there could be one epic quest.

But, take a sigh of relief because there’s seriously nothing wrong about pulling off a plus size T-shirt.

Is it bad to embrace our bodies and accept the way we’re? Of course not! All the times, we have the same thing to hear about and that is: to get lean, to look good. Even looking good have so plenty of stereotypical notions added to it such as, one should not be fat, one should not be dark, one should walk a certain way as if just this certain way of looking good will brings you to the limelight, but no, that isn’t the case. Even if you’re not a certain way, that doesn't mean

You’ll be sidelined. Having a plus size doesn't guarantee for looking ugly or not looking presentable only if you’re not confident or comfortable about yourself. Because style is not something to be based on a preconceived notion. Isn’t it?

Break the stereotype

If you’re not a part of the trend, if you don’t fall under a preconceived notion, if you’re not a believer or adherer of stereotypes, you can break it as well. That option is always open for you.  For all those people shying away from buying plus size clothes or wearing XXL clothes, there’s nothing to hide about that. There’re many others like you. Falling for the stereotype and being a part of it, is what we usually do, but no more of self- hating and self- loathing. Whether other brands are offering you the clothes of your size or not, whether you’re able to find plus size clothes online or not, we’re there to help you out. We, at bigbanana provide you with exclusive men’s clothing, especially for plus sized men.

bigbanana’s range of clothes is versatile and something you can easily label ‘out of the box’. There’s a wide range of affordable trendy plus size clothing for men. Ranging from polo neck t-shirts to Henley neck t-shirts to just simple plus sized t-shirts and even plus size clothing online in India, we’ve everything to serve you men who think they don’t get their sizes anywhere.

Say ‘bigbanana’

It’s not the mass, the TV or someone you know who thinks you can’t fit in your clothes, but yourself. But the world isn’t the same like before. There are clothes that fit every person of every size, thanks to bigbanana.

Whether you’re running out of time and have a lot to do in the office or you’re just sitting at your home, chilling out, we’re just within the reach of your comfort. We’re just a button away. You can order affordable trendy plus size clothing with just a search for your type of clothes. Whether you want to order polo neck t-shirt or for that matter a Henley neck t-shirt or anything like a plus size clothes online in India, we’re just a click away.

We also guarantee super fast delivery at an affordable price. So, wear the big, feel bigger and say ‘bigbanana’.