Bigbanana’s Styling tips for plus size men

Bigbanana’s Styling tips for plus size men

Bigbanana's considerate range of plus size clothing in India

In today’s time when everyone has become so conscious of their diet, checking their Fit bit every 30 mins to see their step count and reading behind the label of every edible item to see the calories it has and what not. Even most Indians are now becoming conscious and critical about what they eat but not all of us are blessed with same body types and fast metabolism. Besides, as important this lifestyle is these days and as much as we all should try to strive towards that lifestyle, some of us just can't let go of the taste of Pizza or pastries melting in our mouth. It really doesn’t matter if you have a slightly higher body fat percentage if you are still healthy. It’s a myth that plus size people are less healthy than those who are not. They’re probably less athletic but not less fit. That is why, you need to embrace the body you’re in and to encourage the embracing, bigbanana’s wide range of plus size clothing is here to help you out.

And especially with winters approaching, we need to get our winter bods ready. Snuggle season is here and ain’t nobody wants to step out of their house, so here are some super styling tips for the plus size men that can be used all year long to hide some extra pizzas and shoes that you sneaked in last night.

Dress your size

Wearing baggy clothes will not hide your bulges instead they will make you look shapeless. So, know your size and know it well and wear things that you feel most comfortable in. Extra loose clothes will bring unnecessary attention to your body, definitely not what we want, right? But it is hard to find clothes that are loose and not too long or short but not too slim, there is always a variable that doesn’t fit. Plus size clothing, in India at least, is not a problem anymore. Bigbanana has clothes in every shape, size, colors, and patterns.


It is often believed that loud and jazzy patterns do not look very good on people who are bigger in size as they enhance your bulges and draw unnecessary attention to your body, which is not the look we are going for. Having said that, a very good option when you want to go for patterns, are stripes. Make sure they are vertical and thin as they will elongate your body and make you look a little bit more in shape.


One of the best ways to look stylish and yet still draw attention away from your body is by wearing accessories with your outfit. Things like hats, sunglasses or statement chains tend to bring the whole look together and makes the person like twice as good. Try different things, see what suits you and just go with it.

Lastly but certainly the most important is to be confident in what you wear. You don’t need to think about what people will say. Do not go by the norms set by the society, we have only one life to live, so be happy in whatever you do. Feel good and just know that you only have one body to live in for the rest of your life, so love it and take care of it.

bigbanana solved the plus size clothing conundrum in India

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November 15, 2018 — bigbanana Online Plus Size Store