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Know where to find some of the most beautiful plus size dresses in India

Plus size or not, clothing is an integral part of one’s personality. Your way of dressing is the first thing that people notice about you, and hence the first impression that they have of you is primarily governed by how you are dressed. Though it might sound stereotypical and you may think that people should be judged by their deeds and not their clothes, this is the harsh reality. Hence, it is necessary to put more thought into your dresses. They should fit your body as well as your personality. Your outfit should always make you feel comfortable and confident.

Shopping plus size dresses in India

Finding plus size dresses in India off-the-rack that match your taste can be a daunting task. An alternate option can be tailoring your clothes. But, given the overheads, that is not an economically feasible option for most.

At bigbanana, the largest store for plus size dresses in India, we believe that fashion knows no size limits, and plus size dresses should not lag behind the rest when it comes to the latest fashion trends. Hence, we provide the widest range of fashionable, top-quality plus size dresses in India. Our collection of plus size dresses in India is not only unprecedented but also covers all the bases, right from the basics to the highlights of your wardrobe. We have an extremely versatile collection of mens plus size clothing online, starting from round neck t-shirts, polo t-shirts, Henleys, to a smart range of formal dress shirts, which are available in a variety of colors and prints. All our products fit you as gracefully as your skin. We also sell joggers that take comfort to another level.

Find the best plus size dresses at bigbanana

Deciding the size of plus size dresses in India is a major challenge while buying clothes from online plus size mens clothing stores, as there is no concept of ‘trials.’ It is also the reason that most people shy away from shopping for clothes online. At bigbanana, we offer free exchanges. So, even if you are unable to gauge the required size in the first place, you can always size up or down. Believe it or not, you get all these benefits at affordable prices. Besides, the shipping is free of cost. bigbanana also provides you with a variety of payment options, which includes cash on delivery option. Choose one that suits you the best. Also, watch out for the frequent sales and discounts that bigbanana offers. 

The undivided and undeterred attention that bigbanana pays on customer satisfaction makes us the best shopping destination for plus size dresses in India.

Plus size clothing in India

bigbanana is all about XXXL magnificence!

It’s almost an axiomatic fact that none of us really lead a perfect life. Our tumultuous lives are shaped, perhaps aggravated, by the perceptions of others shaped by our shape. Plus size clothing for men is a rather touchy, stigmatized matter. Friends do not really flinch or really consider one’s sensitivities when they poke fun at a guy’s weight. Heck, even closed loved ones don’t pull back their punches when they lace every other remark with a hint that you’re fat which is equivalent to being undesirable. Let’s get intimate with the ultimate pet peeve: basically not being able to get your hands on clothes you can be comfortable in. You deserve to be embraced for who you are, by both the people you hang around and the XXXL t-shirt that you adorn with unbridled pride.

Where the clothes at?

Psychologically, in the wake of all this weighing you down, it’s already difficult to move your derriere and go to a store to bag yourself one of those smashing big sized t-shirts some chum of yours was wearing the other day and which you must've also seen on an online store. You have to face dejection when you find out that any fashionable plus size clothing in India, let alone that of the aforementioned nature, is pretty much absent from any of those fancy stores your peers hang around. Now you aren’t gonna just put up with it and wear clothes that don’t fit or just saunter about unclad, right? Even if you decide that going to the gym and pulling your weight about there is the solution to your problems, it’s not akin to cooking a packet of ready made noodles nor will it magically turn your present garbs into plus size clothing for men, a necessity so rarely catered to by the Indian marketplace that it starts feeling like a luxury. What’s the obvious solution then? You must wear clothes that fit you in the meantime, duh.

So what’s the fix?

Well, it’s the 21st century. The internet has opened up avenues previously unfathomable, even in India. So the rare beast of plus size men’s clothing in India doesn’t seem to be quite as obscure as it used to be a while back. This is where bigbanana comes in. Finding affordable, trendy plus size clothing online in India has never been easier! Now you can tug at a few buttons to find a range of plus size clothing for men, from crisp Polo round neck t-shirts to funky plus size jeans, to the plus size version of the Henley neck T-shirt we were talking about earlier, bigbanana is the one-stop online shop for all plus size clothing you’d need.

The prospect of looking for clothes that fit doesn’t seem so daunting anymore now, does it? bigbanana believes that finding XXXL t-shirts online, or even offline for that matter, should be as rewarding and normal for the big boys as much as it is for those who belong to the conventional weight class. Now you wouldn’t have to hold back on the swankiness and let your style quotient out there to the talking! That’s how we at bigbanana want you to feel: confident and comfortable in your own skin.