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As a society, we’re starting to be more and more critical of our notions about the body and the unrealistic standards we uphold each other too, much to the detriment of the individual’s esteem. This means that we’re attempting to be more inclusive of people who are bigger than average. However, the debate is predominantly centered around the bodies of women as the voices in this particular sphere are usually those of women. There’s barely any murmur or thought put into the body image of men. 

In the meantime, media doesn’t have any qualms to push out images that parlay an unrealistic image of the male body, which further perpetuates all sorts of insecurity and unease amongst men who cannot adhere to that particular standard. When clothing brands put out advertisements with hunky models, they’re barely trying to cater to the actual demographic that’ll purchase those clothes. They realize that a more effective way to advertise is to capitalize upon people’s insecurities. As a result, plus size or all large size clothing India for all its obvious merits is seen as something of a crutch for plus size people. People will still continue to ask them to lose weight as if everyone can help how their body functions in the wake of genetic disposition.

All large size clothing for men often gets overlooked or essentially isn’t talked about enough due to which there aren’t a lot of stores that stock up on them. Especially in the Indian context, stores would most likely not have sizes or even if they do, they’d have plus size clothing that wouldn’t really be appealing in any shape or form reserved for the plus size folks. Even if one tries to look for plus size clothing for men online, there are very few avenues that really cater to this niche and do so in a convincing manner.

bigbanana’s here in this hour of need to address the men’s plus size clothing epidemic in India! bigbanana has a range of independent designers that specifically curate with plus size fashion in mind, not to mention how actively they interact with the community in a bid to understand the needs and fashion aspirations of the plus size community.  bigbanana’s impressive catalogue of wonderful plus size clothing for men is something to behold and could make anyone the cause of envy amongst their friend’s circle. The fact that you can get your fix of bigbanana’s plus size clothing at your doorstep makes it even better.