5 reasons why you can look attractive with plus size clothing

5 reasons why you can look attractive with plus size clothing

Plus size clothing in India is the need of the hour. There are many people out there who are looking for the perfect sizes for them but most don’t fit in the designed sizes by brands. Therefore, it is quite essential to provide everyone with the sizes that fit them.

Who doesn’t want eyes to be glued to their style and jaws to be dropped every time as they staunter onto the streets but that seldom happens? Sadly.

The scenario often leads us to be choosy - ironically, not by choice. We keep on wearing the same clothes feeling that most clothes won’t look good on us or

appeal us because of our unusual sizes. The dream is to have the bulges hidden, our figure flaws to be camouflaged by our clothes so that we feel less conscious about our bodies and rather look and feel attractive.

However, Plus size clothing in India is taking a stand and capturing the Indian market. People are wearing the clothes that suit their body type and make them look smarter and appealing The rapid growth in the market of plus size polo t-shirts, Henley neck t-shirts could be taken in account as an example.

  • Big is awesome

There’s no more stigma added with the XXXL clothing or plus size clothing in India. If we want to have a big house, a big room or even for that matter, a big heart, then why is a size such an issue? Embracing our bodies the way they’re the first reason why you can look attractive with plus size clothing. There’s nothing wrong about having a plus size. XL clothing or XXL clothing is totally fine if it suits you and fits you well.

  • Confidence is the key

Only if you feel confident wearing that easy breezy polo neck t-shirt of your size, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll end up looking awesome the way you are. You don’t have to get worried by the gazes of other people. If you’re confident, you won’t care about what people think because you’ll be in the attire you know is made just for you.

  • Because Big Banana is here

Big Banana is one of the biggest online stores for men in India providing with all the plus size clothing for men. Whether you ask for a Henley t-shirt, or polo neck t-shirt or even for that matter men’s shirts, Big Banana has the widest range and variety that you can imagine. So, looking attractive for all the men out there especially belonging to plus sizes is no more a tough job. From the comfort of your homes, you can order anything of your choice.

  • Serving comfort along with an impression

Big Banana provides you with its quality products at affordable prices and not just that, it offers comfortable plus size clothing for men along with its attractive look and finish. Another reason why you can look attractive with plus size clothing.

  • Wear what you are!

None of us wants to look weird wearing clothes less than our size and feeling uncomfortable and conscious. Just because what people will think, we end up wearing things that are not really meant for us. Thankfully, now we finally have something that puts a halt to this woe.

Search for your type of plus size clothing at Big Banana’s online store. Men, you can look stylish too.

Henley heritage.

Henley heritage.

History of Henley

A brief history of the Town

The first recorded history of Henley dates back to 1179 when King Henry II bought land ‘for the making of buildings’. The first church was mentioned in 1204 and a year later the town received a paviage grant (a toll for road maintenance). A bridge in the town was first mentioned in 1234.

It is believed that the existing Thursday market was granted by a charter of King John some time before 1269.

The black plague in 14th Century swept through Henley and it is believed Henley lost as much as 60% of its population.

It is known that by the early 1500’s the town extended along the west bank of the Thames from Friday Street at one end to the Manor, now Phyllis Court at the other, and that Hart Street and New Street existed. Bell Street and the Market Place were also in existence by this time.

Henley was ‘incorporated’ in 1568 once use of the titles of ‘mayor’ and ‘burgess’ had been granted by King Henry VIII.

King William III stayed at the then newly built Fawley Court to rest on his way to London duritng the Civil War, in 1688. It was designed by Christoper Wren and its gardens were subsequently landscaped by Capability Brown.

Henley prospered in the 17th and 18th centuries, with the manufacture of glass and malt, and the trade in corn and wool. From Henley, London was supplied with much of its timber from the Chilterns and grain from the rich agricultural land since the river provided relatively easy transport at that time. Henley had its own workhouse built in 1790 for 150 people in West Street. This was later enlarged and became the Henley Poor Law Union workhouse.

The current five arched and distinctive bridge was built and opened in 1786, and the tower of St Mary’s church nearby dates back to the 15th Century. Even older than this it is believed that the Old Bell in Bell Street was built in 1325, the oldest known building still in existence in Henley.

Henley Royal Regatta

Henley is often known because of its links to rowing through the henley royal regatta. It was first established here in 1839 because of the straight part of river known s the Henley Reach though his stretch was subsequently extended artificially. The establishment of an annual event was suggested by Captain Edmund Gardiner at a public meeting at the Town Hall, who suggested that it should be held ‘under judicious and respectable management’ and that it would benefit the town and ‘from its peculiar attractions it would also be a source of amusement and gratification to the neighbourhood and the public in general’. The Regatta became ‘Royal’ in 1851.

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